Wednesday, January 7, 2015

c++ and g++ compile scripts fixed to build on mac OS X

I have finally found time to fix the scripts to build c++ and g++. I have pushed the code to the github. You can grab a snapshot here - Or you can alternatively do

git clone -depth=1

I am also working on getting linux scripts to work so that building can be supported on ubuntu. Next plan is to fix make and bash so that everything can be run smoothly on the device.

Future plans is to grab a AOSP source and integrate into it. I was thinking of first trying it on GB. Still haven't done it yet.

As far as putting it up on a real device. I am trying to procure an android device, unfortunately its an old one running GB (xperia play). I need help to try it out on other devices. Let me know if anyone is willing to.

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