Friday, January 9, 2015

The Androux project

Finally, I've completed the linux support for the ports. I have decided to call the project androux. A play on words android and linux. You can grab the source from github. Finally "make" works and the compile script works on linux x86_64. The build scripts still won't run if you are using 32 bit machine. Will try to bring support for that in future. The android shell is not fit to run the configure scripts and hence a port of few utilities like sed and bash shell is required. I am working on it.

As of now you can create a Makefile and compile your projects on the device. I have tried a basic test and make works fine.

Visit github for instructions on compiling.

After compiling, you need to copy system folder created to the system folder of your device. You also need to copy the include and lib folders from platform directory corresponding to android version that your device runs.

The final system image will be quite big and I am quite sure that the partitions that are created in your phone by default are not enough to hold it all. There are two ways of approaching this problem, either extend the system partition, if the inbuilt flash can hold it or create a new partition in the sdcard and change the mount scripts to mount that partition as system instead.

When writing install scripts in make file we need to take care that system partition is mounted r/w. By default the system partition is read only in android. Or you could choose another install location.

I still haven't had time or resources to test on an actual device. Please let me know if any of you can do so and share the results

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  1. how much file size of your androux project git repo